Clover Oaks Farm in Brooksville, Florida, is America's premiere source for the amazing Ardennes horse.  Centuries of selective breeding have created a horse that is both powerful and graceful.  The Ardennes (also spelled Ardennais), are a huge, feathered horse and our Ardennes can be seen in a variety of books, calendars and other media.

Clover Oaks Farm also has Fjord Horses.  2000 years of selective breeding have kept the bloodlines pure for these proud horses of the Vikings.  Clover Oaks is a proud, certified breeder and member of the NFHR (The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry).

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Did you know...

There are fewer than 15 known full-blooded Ardennes horses in the
United States?

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Andre is turning two years old.  Can you believe it?  Check out his information here:  Andre